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Technical Assistance Providers

Boston Center for Community Ownership BCCO is a cooperative business providing training & consulting to the Co-op and Solidarity Economy sector founded in 2012, the UN International Year of Cooperatives. BCCO believes in a worker-led approach to cooperatives and community economic development. Communities of color and working class communities provide the organizing strength to mobilize resources, workers bring skills, experience, and a drive to succeed, and BCCO brings the right tool at the right time so that those workers and communities can create the future they envision.
BWB Solutions BWB Solutions is a national consulting firm with expertise in planning, governance, organizational assessment, and finance. We’re known for our pragmatic, thoughtful approach to building new programs, creating strategic plans, and helping clients navigate crises and structural changes.
CDS Consulting The cooperative difference is our competitive advantage. CDS Consulting Coop is dedicated to building and strengthening cooperative businesses. We use assessment, planning, resource access, training, coaching, support, and continuous improvement. We tailor our services to your needs in comprehensive areas of development.
CISA - Community Involved in Sustaining Agriculture Educational programs connecting farmers with communities.
Cooperative Development Institute (CDI) Cooperative Development Institute (CDI) is the source for cooperative business development in the Northeast. CDI's mission is to build a cooperative economy through the creation and development of successful cooperative enterprises and networks in diverse communities in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, Maine, Rhode Island and New York.
Democracy at Work Institute (DAWI) Facilitates education and skill-sharing among existing cooperatives Provides practical support in the form of research, training, tools, and standards Builds relationships among the various institutions supporting, developing and financing worker cooperatives Educates the public about the need for and benefits of democratic worker-ownership.
Democracy at Work Network (DAWN) The Democracy at Work Network (DAWN) is a network of certified peer advisors, all with strong social and professional ties, who cooperate in training themselves and providing technical assistance services to worker cooperatives.
Food Coop Initiative (FCI) FCI aims to increase the number, success and sustainability of new food cooperatives delivering access to healthy food in diverse communities across this country. It provides information, training and technical assistance, as well as seed capital, and engages in research, to blaze, maintain and improve the development path for new food coops.
Green Mountain Worker Cooperative Alliance To validate the worker coop model by building clarity and effectiveness of the model, bringing awareness to our communities, and promoting and supporting worker coops in the alliance
Independent Retailers Shared Services Cooperative The Cooperative's mission is to help independent retailers differentiate meaningfully from conventional supermarkets and gain access to the marketing resources, category management and supply chain expertise needed to succeed in today's highly competitive marketplace
Neighboring Food Coop Association The Neighboring Food Coop Association (NFCA) is a cooperative federation bringing together over 30 food coops and start-up initiatives that are working together toward a shared vision of a thriving cooperative economy, rooted in a healthy, just and sustainable regional food system and a vibrant community of cooperative enterprise.
The ICA Group Since 1977, the ICA GROUP has applied expert analysis, results-based planning and a collaborative management approach to start and grow worker cooperatives, democratic ESOPS and other social purpose ventures.
US Federation of Worker Cooperatives The United States Federation of Worker Cooperatives is the national grassroots membership organization for worker cooperatives. Its membership also includes democratic workplaces, cooperative, developers and organizations that support worker cooperatives.
US Small Business Administration Region 1 (SBA New England states) Since its founding on July 30, 1953, the U.S. Small Business Administration has delivered millions of loans, loan guarantees, contracts, counseling sessions and other forms of assistance to small businesses. Specifically the SCORE program and SBDC's in various locations.
Valley Alliance of Worker Cooperatives We, the members of the Valley Alliance of Worker Cooperatives, are dedicated to building a sustainable local economy by facilitating the support, development and promotion of worker cooperatives in Western Massachusetts and Southern Vermont. VAWC is a secondary cooperative, owned and operated by our Member Cooperatives.
Vermont Employee Ownership Center (VEOC) The Vermont Employee Ownership Center is a statewide non-profit whose mission is to promote and foster employee ownership in order to broaden capital ownership, deepen employee participation, retain jobs, increase living standards for working families, and stabilize communities. We provide information and resources to owners interested in selling their business to their employees, employee groups interested in purchasing a business, and entrepreneurs who wish to start up a company with broadly shared ownership.