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Invest in CFNE

Why Inv​est in CFNE?

Since 1975, the Cooperative Fund of New England has provided over $60 million in crucial, affordable financing to cooperatives and nonprofits across New England and neighboring New York State. Not only have these funds created and retained thousands of jobs and housing units, but they have strengthened the strong and growing democratically-owned cooperative economy.

However, many of the region's co-ops still struggle getting the financing needed to start-up or expand. As the only financial institution dedicated to growing the region’s cooperative economy, CFNE fills an important niche in access to capital.

We rely on community support to make this happen. The majority of our loan pool comes from individuals, cooperatives and community and religious organizations. Individuals with at least $1,000 available to lend for at least one year choose to make the investment in cooperative development through the Cooperative Fund of New England's Social Investment Loan. Investors choose their own terms within these parameters: an interest rate up to 1.25%, and a minimum of one year. CFNE investors appreciate the opportunity to:

  • Put resources to work helping people help themselves through cooperation.
  • Receive a return on investment without compromising values.
  • Reduce risk through diversification of investment across many projects.
  • Build the cooperative economy across all co-op sectors and industries.

You can view our prospectus here, or contact us at / 1-800-818-7833.

CFNE also welcomes donations. We run our operation on the margin of our loans - the difference between the interest we pay investors and the interest we charge from borrowers. Donations support CFNE's ability to innovate and offer technical assistance to the co-ops we work with.